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     I won't bore you with too much backstory. I didn't get bit by a spider, find a ring, wear pink to the school dance... well, I did do that one. But I've been all about design since I can remember -- drawing at my Playskool desk, designing the sets for my high school musicals, my best friend's wedding altar, posters for my college's entire theatre department. You name it, I've weaseled myself into it and learned more than a few valuable lessons from each and every project along the way.


     Throughout the years I've straddled the line between minimalism and maximalism, always trying to punch of the color or the detail while keeping things as simplistic as possible. Lately I've embraced the over the top nature of my aesthetic and have found a new balance in my work. It has given me a new passion for the visuals I create, and helped me find what I consider to be my place in a very crowded field. When I am passionate about something, I will find a way, no matter what. It's this passion that's driven me through my design career, how I've found myself in so many wonderfully strange situations, and something I hope to hold onto throughout the future. 


"great design shouldn't just catch someone's eye.

it should capture their attention."

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